How an Auto Locksmith could help you out

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The expertise of an auto locksmith can come in helpful in a wide variety of situations. Contrary to popular belief, they are not only necessary when keys get lost or need replacing. Instead, you may be surprised to learn that auto locksmiths have the knowledge and ability to deal with all sorts of security issues. In addition, auto locksmiths work on all vehicles, not just cars and vans. They also solve lock and key problems on lorries, motorcycles, quad bikes and mopeds, not to mention boats! A colleague of mine who is a Derby auto locksmith states that motor homes and caravans are an important source of work.

Auto locksmiths can cut extra keys and will gain access to your vehicle when you lose your keys. They can help with electronics and usually offer a cheaper service than a car and van dealer.

A professional auto locksmith will ensure that every attempt is made to work using methods that will not damage your vehicle. A widely-held misconception is that auto locksmiths work by smashing windows, then charging you for something you could have done yourself. This is far from true. A properly trained locksmith has the experience and equipment to provide a non-destructive service. Your vehicle will be left in great condition, and there will no evidence that work has been done.

Good auto locksmiths can work on all makes and models, although the car type will affect your quote. This is because the mechanism of some cars is more difficult to work with than others, and requires additional skills. But a simple call to an auto locksmith will give you the advice and information you need, and good auto locksmiths will be happy to give you a quote over the phone. Perhaps you could phone a few locksmiths to get a price comparison. This way, you may find a company that will match or beat your previous quotes.

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How To Set Up Your Locksmith Website

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Your website is the first, and perhaps only, chance to impress your potential customers, so it pays to think carefully about the image you want to portray online. However, although many website designers concentrate on wowing their clients with moving pictures, videos, sound, and over the top graphics, many customers prefer a simple, easy to use site that gives them the information they need to know without taking ages to load.

Think about the type of person who will be using a locksmith website. Chances are, they’re locked out, and need someone to help them ASAP. It’s no good to them if the site is packed full of irrelevant information, no matter how pretty it looks. They don’t want to wait while the reel of arty photos plays out before they can find something as simple as your telephone number. These customers will give up after a few seconds, and phone your competitor instead.

There’s a psychological aspect to website design too. Flashy sites make the customer think that you’ve spent a fortune on advertising, and will be passing on the cost to them with higher charges. A simple site fits well with the image of a small business and gives the customer a sense of trustworthiness and honesty.

But make sure you get the details right. You may not care about spelling and grammar, but many people do, and they will not trust someone who can’t be bothered to proof read their website. And don’t forget to include all of the information the customer needs. Mentioning no names, I know of a Locksmith Coventry who designed a great website, then forgot to put his phone number on it!

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